A unanimous support

To carry out these projects and those to come, Crick-Sicks need to be helped, musicalement by the Orchestra of the Academy, logistiquement by the municipality which brings local and material necessary, relationnellement by an Artistic Committee and its influential members, financially by the Municipality, a Committee of Honor and many Members Sympathizers who bring their essential contest.

Le conseil d'administration avec Ronny Coutteure
The board of directors

La cathédrale de Milan
The cathedral of Milan

Other projects of displacement

Crick-Sicks measured the importance of displacements and other rounds which stimulate, justify, make progress the group, and improve its homogeneity. They have, moreover, at the time of the last years to create bonds with other foreign and regional choral societies with whom they wish to continue the exchanges, which will bring them in particular in Ireland, Holland, Germany... they will continue also their round of the cathedrals by Saint Omer, Senlis, Laon, Soissons, Rouen...

Great projects with Tourcoing

Crick-Sicks will continue to occur in the area, but also in Tourcoing, where they have the desire to bring their participation in the cultural life. They will continue to be present for the events of Tourcoing but moreover wish to create demonstrations of scale in the spirit of the Festival European which they organized in 1992. To carry out that, they will mobilize, call upon the essential reinforcements, of which sponsorships, without which nothing is possible.

Le festival européen de 1992
The European festival of 1992

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