Les Crick-Sicks en 1852
Crick-Sicks in 1852

A choral society quite born

Founded in 1852, the National Company of Orphéonistes Crick-Sicks has a prize list unique in France. Born by the desire from some Tourquenois to sing together, this choral society chose a quite strange name, but which announces already a well marked personality. And from the very start, Crick-Sicks will be characterized by a recognized quality and a vitality. They often occur, gain international contests, and go to Italy, to Germany, through France to carry their so much appreciated song. In this first time of their existence, Crick-Sicks are often invited to honour the great personalities, that it is the President of the Republic, Kaiser Guillaume II, Prince Eugene of Sweden.
In 1906 they are invited in Milan by the King and the Queen of Italy...

A long history

Pushed by the success, Crick-Sicks multiply their representations.
In 1911, Crick-Sicks are honoured with the title of National Company. They then reach the tops in the hierarchy of the French musical companies.
After the First World War, they are selected to sing Te Deum of the victory with ND. from Paris.
In 1924 they inaugurate the opening of the Olympic Games.
Then, Crick-Sicks are started again in many contests, Caen, Algiers (1930), Luxembourg... They receive prestigious invitations again : British royal family, Duchess of Luxembourg (1937)...
After the Second World War, they continue to be requested for important celebrations. In Ypres they sing for the Belgian Royal family, in Brussels, for the ambassador of France. They take part in the international contest of French television, inaugurate an emission of television devoted to the music amateur. They move regularly in Germany, supporting an active twinning.

La cathédrale d'Ypres
The cathedral of Ypres

Les Crick-Sick reçus à Biella (Italie)
Crick-Sick Received In Biella (Italy)

A history that it is necessary for them to perennialize

In 1987, Crick-Sicks entrust their direction to Hugues ALAVOINE, first price of the royal academies of Turned and Mons (B) as well in musical theory as in violin, as with the royal academy of Brussels where it obtains his diploma of teaching aptitude. This young director brings a new dynamics which leads Crick-Sicks through France.
They carry out many round: Western south, the Pyrenees, Burgundy, the Jura, Normandy... where they give concerts as well profane as religious. Their repertory diversifies: accompanied by the orchestra of the young pupils of the academy of Tourcoing, they give many concerts of musics Viennese, but also of choruses of opera. Another aspect of their repertory, the sacred music, lead them to occur in many cathedrals : Rheims, Holy Lô, Dijon, Castrate, Lille...
In 1992, to celebrate the 140ème birthday of the choral society, Crick-Sicks organize a European festival, in which eleven choral societies of the eleven other European countries take part.
In 1995, Crick-Sicks carry out a displacement in Italy, where they occur in Biella, then in the famous cathedral of Milan in front of 5000 conquered listeners. This year there, they sing in Lille for the 25th birthday of died of General de Gaulle. They accomodate the chorus of Zlatoust of Moscow. Then they sing the Sunday mass on line on RTBF, make a round in Alsace, sing in the cathedral of Amiens...
In 1998, they inaugurate the reopening of the church Saint Christophe de Tourcoing, then organize a European festival of choir singing.

Recently, Crick-Sicks sang in Troyes, Saint Michel in Thiérache, Angers... in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Venice... but also taken part in the national contests where they obtained to it first price of excellence.

Their future always promises as many activities...

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